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Something we all need right now
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More than 100 fun challenges and thought provoking questions, backed by science and packed into a card game that will make you and your friends happier.


Each game you’ll play will be a totally unique experience.
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Select a secret mission, answer questions and execute challenges to collect points, look for special joy cards, use your bonus cards wisely, win at The Well-being Game
Each card has a unique illustration - and there are 132 cards in once deck!
We decided to add an extra category and call it joy, because … why not?
We’re adults, we can do whatever we want!


Decades of research in a deck of cards!
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The theory that heavily inspired us is called the Six-factor Model of Psychological Well-being which was developed by an American psychologist Carol D. Ryff. Her work relies on knowledge that goes far back into the past – to ancient Greeks and Aristotle. He wrote in his Nicomachean Ethics that the goal of life is not merely to pursue pleasures, but to live virtuously and develop a strong sense of meaning.

Ryff came up with six areas that are crucial for one’s psychological well-being: purpose in life, personal growth, self-acceptance, autonomy, environmental mastery and positive relationships. What we did was scour the psychology literature to find various questions and challenges that a person could easily do to improve those six areas.


We’re certain you’re gonna love playing this game
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We cannot tell you hom much fun we’ve had creating this game. Yes, we scoured through hundreds of articles to find the best questions and challenges that would actually have a meaningful impact on one’s well-being – and that took a loooong time.

But mostly we remember hours upon hours of playtime with all sorts of cool people. Whether it was mother and her daughter playing the game in a quiet cafe opening up to each other, us on someone’s birthday party with 15 Macedonians who managed to cross the language barrier, got creative, and modified the game into spin the bottle activity, or as the game was initially intended: a small group of friends having a picnic and simply sharing a few hours in a meaningful way while having fun – the game always brought something new and interesting to the surface.
Nina and Patricija are sitting on the pier. In front of them is an unopened box with first protoypes of the cards. Ksenija is holding the a prototype of The Well-being Game. Behind her there's the lake. Ksenija, Nina, Sebastian and Patricija are holding the prototypes in their hands and smiling.
But as much as we enjoyed this period we know it’s time to let The Well-being Game go into the world and meet new people. People who, just like us, need more meaningful conversations, fun experiences and who care about their well-being.
Now we would like to hear from you!
  • Would you like to test the game?
  • Do you have an idea for a fun challenge?
  • Is there any question that helped illuminate your path towards greater well-being?
  • Do you have comments on the design and ideas for improvement?
  • Any creative ideas as to how we could spread the word?
  • Would you like to help and be part of The Well-Being Game story?
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